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Phase IV


Act I – (Four Good Shepherds)

We meet Rare Bird, a small, unusual bluebird, who scans the centuries observing God’s dealings with humankind.  Rare Bird and the Angel Chorus sing of the glory of God’s Creation.  (MIRACLE OF MIRACLES)  Rare Bird begins to share individual stories of what are referred to as “The Good Shepherds.”  Rare Bird begins with Jacob’s favorite son, Joseph.  Jacobs’ resentful sons scheme to rid themselves of their younger brother and his crazy dreams.  (ISRAEL’S COLORFUL BOY)  The second of the “Good Shepherds” is Moses.  Rare Bird tells of the Hebrews’ enslavement in Egypt under the tyrant Pharaoh.  (TEN PLAGUES)  Moses leads the Hebrews safely from Egyptian bondage and through the desert to their Promised Land.  (A SOLID FOUNDATION)  The third “Good Shepherd” that Rare Bird introduces is none other than David, who became famous as a young boy, who, through his faith in God, defeated the giant Goliath in battle.  (A TREASURED STORY)  Rare Bird, with the help of the Israelites, recounts the long and varied career of David as King. (O HOW HE TAUGHT US)  Brave hearted Elijah is the fourth “Good Shepherd”.  Rare Bird describes the heroic stand Elijah takes against King Ahab, Queen Jezebel, and her ‘Army’ of Ba’al worshipers on the summit of Mount Carmel Hill.  (DUEL ON THE HILL)

Act II – (Our Good Shepherd)

Rare Bird jumps ahead in time to introduce the “Greatest of the Good Shepherds”, Jesus of Nazareth.  (OUT OF THE DARKNESS)  Jesus’ early ministry is described.  (AN AMAZING GRACE)  Not only does He establish Himself as a charismatic speaker, His miracles draw thousands to His side.  (A MOUNTAINOUS MAN)  Rare Bird tells of Mary Magdalene, one of Jesus’ devoted disciples, and their encounter with a woman brought before them to be stoned.  Both His knowledge of the law and His compassion win the day.  (MARY OF MAGDALA)  The High Priest Caiaphas, the Roman Governor Pontias Pilate, and the Devil share their concerns and fears over Jesus’ popularity.  (PREACHER ON THE STREET)  To teach Jesus a ‘lesson’, they put Him through the “Stations of the Cross”.  In the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus agonizes over His fate.  (HAVE YOU EVER FELT LOST?)  Pilate, under pressure from Caiaphas, scourges Jesus.  (HATE!)  Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary mourn Jesus’ suffering .  (LOVE)  Jesus is put to death on a Roman cross, while His Disciples and Mother look on in horror.  (O MARY)  Following His resurrection from the dead, Jesus’ Disciples celebrate His Word and deeds.  (HIS WORD)  All rejoice in the work of the Savior!  (RISEN KING)

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