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News Release 01.14.09




Qarab presented a stage reading of the Ark at the Little Theatre on Thursday, May 15, 2008. The audience response was overwhelmingly positive. The capacity crowd was treated to a production that included big screen illustrations of Ron Ketchum’s storyboard artwork, and a talented group of singers, directed by James Schmitt.


Because so many people had to be turned away on May 15th, the production was repeated at the Little on Monday, June 9th. Questionnaires were passed out to the audience, asking their opinion of the performance. Eighty-two questionnaires were filled out and returned.


Outstanding 52 63%
Great 16 20%
Good 10 12%
Not Good 4 5%

83% of the questionnaires graded the performance as “Great,” or better. We are very proud of the cast for their tireless work on The Ark.

WHAT’S NEXT FOR THE ARK? Plans are moving forward for a stage production with no specific date yet in place.

NOTE - Local artist, Brian Swereda has developed animation to Ron Ketchum’s illustrations and Qarab has produced a DVD of The Ark – A Musical.

Also available now: A Storybook & CD of The Ark – Highlights. You can purchase them on-line now.


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