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Press Release 09.20.13
The QARAB ARTISTIC GROUP has its 1st Stage Action! 

As part of the 2013 Rochester Fringe Festival, TheatreROC’s showcased eight ‘four minute samplers’ of productions headed for community theatre in 2014.  This venue provided the QARAB ARTISTIC GROUP its very first opportunity for live stage action.  Mike Kirickmire choreographed action for the song LAMECH’O MAN, from QARAB’s ‘POP’ Opera WHELMED

The Xerox Auditorium Theatre came to life as Lamech (Jim Schmitt) rallied his warriors (Anders Namestnik –Tenor, Matt Mayne – Baritone, Greg Ludek – Base).  Laughter grew as Lamech’s cheerleaders (Kara Minute DePorter, Debbie Schmitt, and Julia C. Blatter) twirling their pompoms, and danced in support of their violent, pre-historic leader.  The group yelled, “Score,” as Lamech high kicked the beaten dummy off stage!


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