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RARE BIRD'S ODE News Releases
10-09-19... Video of Live Stage Performance of “THE ARK” at AVYARIUM, Village Gate, Rochester, NY Fringe Festival 2019 – Now available in Blue-ray, DVD, and USB 16 GB Flash Drive.  Free Shipping.
09-19-2019... Both performances of “THE ARK” were completely SOLD OUT at the AVYARIUM Theatre, Village Gate, Rochester, NY Fringe Festival 2019.
05-15-2018... Coming in June: Rare Bird's Ode Presents "THE GARDEN"
12-21-2017... AVA/2017 Platinum Winner | Good Shepherds
11-11-2016... "New Visitors" to this website made up 83% of visitors over the last four months. Over 20% of sessions were from the United Kingdom.
09-18-2016... The QARAB Singers performed “REUNION of Choral Bible Stories” at the Lyric Theatre as part of the 2016 First Niagara Rochester Fringe Festival.
10-22-2015... "The QARAB Singers performed "Our Good Shepherd" at the Lyric Theatre as part of the 2015 First Niagara Rochester Fringe Festival."
06-06-2015... Winners Announced for the LEAH Coloring Contest
06-04-2015... Come visit us at the www.QARAB.com at the 2015 LEAH Conference
11-13-2014..."Musical couple gets "Colorful" with latest CD release"
11-03-2014..."ISRAEL'S COLORFUL BOY" CD is released...
06-01-2014... GOLD AVA Digital Award for WHELMED. Category: Original Music
02-01-2014... GOLD AVA Winner for 4 Min DVD LAMECH-O MAN. Category: Video/Music Production
2013 ... PLATINUM AVA Winner
 09-20-2013...The QARAB Singers has its 1st Stage Action!….
 03-12-2013...BIG News from Texas….
 10-01-2012...A Simple Ode Creative Group (d.b.a. QARAB) has completed the final pieces of Phase I – The Garden – A MUSICAL FANTASY.
 06-06-2012...Qarab Group wins Top AVA Award for "Original Music".
2011...AVA/2011 Platinum Winner. E.A Messenger. Qarab.com Original Music.
 11-11-2011...The Association of Marketing & Communication Professionals, Arlington, Texas have announced that the Qarab Group has been awarded a 2011 MAR COM AWARD – GOLD
 09-19-2011...A Medley of Songs from Jim and Debbie Schmitt’s Gettysburg – the True and Free will be presented at the GeVa Theatre on Monday, September 19th at 7 P.M.
 12-07-2010...Rochester, New York group wins National Recognition.
11-01-2010...The Four Horsemen, An American Opera CD is now available for purchase. This two disc package is filled with 40 fresh - new songs, and has been billed as the "21st Century War & Peace!"...
10-10-2010...Rochester, NY - Local writer E. A. Messenger announced today...
05-10-2010...The Four Horsemen & Ganondagan...
2009...MarCom Gold Award "21st Century Prodigal Son"
2009...Hermes Creative Award
12-10-2009...Qarab Group Wins Fourth Gold...
01-14-2009...Unique Musical Held At Little Theater Update...
2008...AVA/Gold "The Ark"
03-17-2008...Unique Musical To Be Held At Little Theater...

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