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Phase III


Act I

Our Fantasy Tale begins on the one hundred fifty-first day of the Ark’s Journey. Noah, in order to keep the panic and worry to a minimum, has the family gather in the Great Room at the end of each week to “Thank God for Life”. He teaches the children the history of Creation in the form of a puppet show. (FIRST GOLDEN HUE) Shebee, Noah’s granddaughter, keeps a journal of their experience on the Ark. She recalls the day they first enjoyed the freedom of the main deck. The thrill of fresh air soon passed, however, when Mrs. began to panic, overwhelmed by the enormity of the flood’s destruction. (WHERE ARE THE BIRDS) Noah keeps the family on track by reminding them of God’s reasons for the flood. (AIN’T IT A PAIN) Shebee recounts the surreal experience of the peaceful starry night, while floating above the destruction of the world she knew. (EVIL FELL) Mrs, still mourning the loss of so much, finds her family trying to comfort and reassure her. (OH MRS.) Mrs. shows her appreciation of Noah’s leadership. (SHEPHERD OF THE SEA) In return, Noah encourages the family to keep a positive attitude. (MONSOON) Noah’s grandson, Gomer, gets seasick, and complains of all the water, but Noah takes the opportunity to teach the children about the benefits of water and how God uses it to carry out His Will. (THE WONDER OF WATER) Act I ends with Noah telling the family not to despair, a new world is coming, (NEW WORLD COMING) but Shebee suddenly takes seriously ill, and the family fears for her well being.

Act II

Act II opens with Shebee taking a turn for the worse. Mrs. spends her days and nights in prayer for her. (A MORNING IN PRAYER) Suddenly, her fever breaks, and a much relieved family rejoices in God’s mercy. Noah and Mrs. give a lesson in preparedness (A STITCH IN TIME) The family acknowledges that Noah “Walks with God”, and vows to follow his lead, but he instead encourages them to trust their own instincts and faith. (CAPTAIN OF THE SHIP) The children gather together to present a gift of a clay jar with fresh goat’s milk to their grandparents, (A GROUP DECISION) but when it drops and breaks, the children bicker among themselves over who’s to blame. Mrs. tells them “Don’t cry over spilt milk.” (IN MY YOUTH) A dove released to look for dry land comes back without evidence. The family asks Noah for guidance in prayer. (PRAY FROM YOUR HEART) Shebee asks Noah about daydreams, and he encourages them all to dream large. (FIELD OF DREAMS) The dove is released again, and this time returns with an olive branch in its beak. The family rejoices and celebrates a new life as they prepare to leave the ark. (A NEW DAY DAWNING).

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