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John, Mary, Sue & Eagle, close friends with an unusual bond, grew up together in a peaceful Western New York village. John and Mary Noah are the parents of two small children, Sally, and Johnny Jr. Sue and Eagle are Native Americans, of the Seneca Tribe, and trace their ancestry back to the Seventeenth Century “Peace Town,” Ganondagan. In high school, where they met, the four formed a musical group, calling themselves “The Four Horsemen!” It was during this time in their lives that they discovered that they had the ability to communicate with each other by thought, no matter what distance lay between them. This mystical bond unites them, and later plays an important role in the events that are soon to follow. A “storm” hits their small town by the bay; a mysterious assault of unknown forces puts their hamlet into disarray. “Sarge,” an equally mysterious character, shows up, drafting soldiers and building a military force to do battle. Eagle is quick to join the force. John signs up, but does not share the same eagerness for battle. The young soldiers march off. Mary sings of her emptiness without John. Sue is suspicious of the Sarge and his methods, shares her concerns with Eagle, and leads a peace rally at the village square. As John struggles with the intensity of war , he recalls the days of playing pretend. John and Mary sing of their love. Shockingly, a bomb hits! Native Seneca Spirit’s tell of their dilemma at Ganondagan in 1687.

Holy War is nothing new. And this 21st Century battle stretches out into a long and drawn out conflict, with no end in sight. The soldier’s battle in the meadow as the village continues to get attached by enemy forces. Mary and the children sing to John, all longing to reunite. Sarge is the Devil himself, and has come to sow discord among humans. As Sue maintains her mission for peace, John falls deeper into the depression of battle fatigue. He mentally breaks under the strains of war, and goes AWOL. Sue urges Eagle to be, like their great forefather, the “Peacemaker!” Eagle Eye, now with clear vision, seeing the horrors of war, grasps the concept – seizes the opportunity, and vanishes! He returns to the Meadow with both John and the enemy – peace has been made. The soldiers cheer Eagle’s entry as the “Peacemaker!” Sarge is outraged! Eagle has foiled his play by turning from “Hawk” to “Dove!” Sarge moves to assassinate this new Peacemaker. A shot rings out. There are screams of horror as John jumps in front of his friend and takes the bullet! The crowd is scrambling, overwhelmed. Sarge slithers away. The scene settles. Eagle tends to John’s wounds, and gives tribute to those who fell during the conflicts. All mourn the loss of loved ones, while rejoicing as the weary troops head home to a peaceful place, where life is good!
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