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Phase IV


Act I

“In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.”

Our story begins with the angels praising God’s creation. (PERFECT) God then created Adam and Eve. The angels wake the sleeping couple and teach them their first lessons of life. (GOOD MORNING) Adam and Eve, thrilled with life, and with their surroundings, express their gratitude to God. (THANK YOU GOD) Pleased with their positive attitudes, the angels rejoice as the young couple run playfully through the Garden of Eden. (A WONDERFUL PRESENT) Adam, however, soon becomes boastful and proud, resenting the angels’ guidance. (NOT A PUPPET ON A STRING) He begins by showing off his physical agility (MONKEY SEE), which annoys Eve, causing her to retaliate by challenging his intellect. (CHICKEN OR EGG) Enter the serpent, Satan, who plays upon Adam and Eve’s youthful naiveté in an attempt to lead them astray. (THE SHADOW) Satan, posing as a caveman, lures the two into his lair. (CAVEMAN) Worried, the angels rush to Adam and Eve’s side in an attempt to warn them of impending danger. (TROUBLE IN THE GARDEN) Satan, slamming the door in the angels’ faces, introduces himself to Adam and Eve as “Shame.” (AUGUST OF THE AWRY) He tells them of a secret place in the garden where their destiny lies, promising fame and glory. (THE FIRST TEMPTATION) The frustrated angels try to get a message to them, encouraging them to trust their conscience that God gave them. (BY NOW YOU OUGHT TO KNOW) Shame counters by showing Adam and Eve the Wishing Tree, a “magical object that makes their dreams come true.” (THE WISHING TREE) As they partake of its fruit, Shame gloats over his victory. (HIGH FLYING FOOLS) Realizing that something is wrong, Adam and Eve turn to the angels for help, but instead are confronted by God. Embarrassed by her failure, Eve runs away, leaving Adam to deal with his own guilt. (LIFE’S 1ST PORTENT)

Act II

Time has passed; Adam is a lonely man who has built a life, but one empty without Eve. (MAYOR OF MAIN STREET) Shame, having successfully split up Adam and Eve, now moves in to further exploit Adam. (CAN’T HAVE A PARTY) Shame tries to convince Adam that he is better off alone. (WHERE’S EVE?) Adam is caught in a tug-of war between Shame and the angels. (TURN AROUND, ADAM) The angels demonstrate through the example of nature, the importance of family, (AIDEN THE OTTER) a positive attitude, and gratitude. (AS THE SUN GOES DOWN) Adam is too depressed to listen. (LAZY MOON) Eve secretly observes, torn between her love for Adam and her frustration with his attitude and behavior. Shame meanwhile buddies up with Adam in an attempt to drive Eve out permanently. (TWO BY TWO) Offended, Eve confronts Adam and leaves in disappointment. Adam can’t bear to lose Eve, so Shame devises a false plan to help Adam win Eve back. (FACE TO THE MUD SORRY) The plan obviously backfires for Adam, leaving him alone once more. Finally coming to the realization that he has been deceived, Adam exposes Shame for the snake that he is. (A LITTLE LAMB) Angry, Shame casts the entire garden into darkness, making it impossible for Adam to ever find Eve again. Adam repents of his treatment of Eve and of his pride. (A LONG SONG) Just then the moon rises, casting enough light for Adam and Eve to find each other in the dark and reconcile. (TWO BY TWO REPRISE) Adam and Eve rejoice in God sending the moonlight to help reunite them. (1ST FULL MOON) Adam and Eve exchange wedding vows (VOWS-A WEDDING DAY) and all of Creation join in the celebration. (YUM’-YUM’-A RECEPTION)

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